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Meet Mike Weaver

Pastor | Leadership and Influence Coach

For Mike, coaching is more than a job.  It’s a calling.

He’s on a mission to develop leaders into highly influential people. 

He is the first and only certified Keller Influence Professional in Columbus, Ohio and the only ELCA Pastor with this certification, director of Nine Seventeen Coaching, and serves as the Coaching Coordinator for the Southern Ohio Synod in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  He also serves as pastor at St. Luke Lutheran Church in Gahanna, Ohio.

Mike and his wife, Darcy, live with their three boys in Columbus, Ohio.

"Mike is an extraordinary listener, which makes him an excellent coach. During our sessions, Mike inspired me to connect my intrinsic values, my motivation, my past experiences and my goals to generate action. With Mike as a coach, I had tremendous personal insights, and increased my personal awareness, spurring me to take charge of my personal and professional life...I give Mike my highest recommendation both as a one-on-one coach and as a team-coach."

Viveka Fredwall

"I went to Mike Weaver for coaching on how to narrate audio books in different voices, such as "engaging", "upbeat", etc...He helped me get "into" both my audience's head and heart and the head and heart of the character I am portraying...he also helped me to differentiate the characters [of a book being narrated] and bring them to life in ways that I would not have expected or anticipate otherwise. While you may not be narrating audio books, you will find Mike helpful in dealing with your boss, your employees, and your customers in the same way that he helped me to relate to my audience, my characters and my authors."

Becky White
The Voicing Expert

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1:1 Coaching

What if you had someone with you in the flow with you consistently, asking the right questions, and 100% dedicated to your success?

What if you had someone in your corner whose job it is to help you move ahead, to gain momentum in life and as a leader?

Find out how 1:1 coaching can help you unleash the best of you.



"I hadn't experienced coaching of this kind before, and I have found it to be very helpful for ministry. Mike has helped me articulate goals and vision and to take steps to move forward. This is a great blessing to me in becoming a stronger leader in my church. "

Tim Muller

Expand your influence.  Take the Keller Influence Indicator® assessment and receive a free trial KII and SOCR report.


    Keller Influence Assessments

    Keller Influence Indicator

    The Keller Influence Indicator (The KII®) is the FIRST and ONLY research-based assessment of Influence Potential.

    Piloted at Clemson University, the KII® provides and accurate benchmark of your aptitudes on the Seven Influence Traits®; each of which are needed to increase your influence. You’ll learn which of these traits are strengths and which need improvement.

    The KII® is the world’s only scientifically validated assessment that accurately measures your potential to be influential.


    SOCR Report

    KII Summary & Organizational Competencies Report.  

    The SOCR® Report offers a brief summary of the KII® Report and provides additional new information to the individual based on their responses on the Keller Influence Indicator® assessment. It correlates each of the Seven Influence Traits® with these 5 Organizational Competencies including Leadership, Communication, Team Effectiveness, Strategy & Solutions, and Execution & Evaluation.

    The SOCR® Report also provides information on how you impact others, take action, handle pressure, and respond to conflict. These areas are critical to identifying and developing tomorrow’s leaders and business owners.


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