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Your Next Move


Without question, this time of unprecedented change, uncertainty about the future, and social fragmentation can leave leaders confused, scared, and wondering, "What's next?" You can discover your next move, and step into the future with confidence, courage and connection. You simply need the guidance. This course is designed to do just that. Combining his over two decades of experience as a pastor in the church, nearly two decades in improv theater, and his professional certification and experience as a leadership coach, Mike shares with you insights to help you discover for yourself what's next. This unique combination of leadership coaching, Scripture, and applied improvisation will leave you inspired and empowered to move into the unknown with confidence. Enroll today! Go to: What you receive... +Five sessions that unpack and apply for you the principles of improv theater that helps actors navigate uncertainty on stage. These principles, when applied to your life and combined with Scripture, will help you get unstuck and allow you to move forward. +World class coaching questions and processes, as well as games from the world of improv theater that you can use anytime, anywhere. +A Your Next Move Action Guide complete with space to take notes, and detailed descriptions of the exercises Mike shares with you to integrate the learning in a fun and engaging way.

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