5 Things You MUST do to lead well during this time of uncertainty and change.

Does it really work?

"This is the exact method and mindset the best improvisers in the world approach uncertainty on stage to co-create memorable and engaging never before told stories.   I spent over 15 years studying this and can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this works.  I've used this way of being with the churches I've served, the clients I've coached to help them stay centered AND design a new future." - Mike Weaver

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"This training will boost your confidence and courage, and amplify your impact during this time of uncertainty."

- Mike Weaver, Leadership and Influence Coach and Pastor

Watch this free webinar and you'll learn:

  • Why people fail to lead well during times of uncertainty.
  • How to be influential on video
  • How to decrease stress and increase focus.
  • How to stay centered and connected.
  • 7 essential questions for leaders
  • How to design the "new normal" with your team.

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